Special Exhibition — The Shops of Cefn Mawr, May to August 2019

Our latest Special Exhibition is entitled ‘The Shops of Cefn Mawr’, and displays, through pictures, photos and objects, the busy commercial life that used to be the essence of Cefn Mawr. It will continue until the end of August, so please find time to come in and have a look — and if you have any memorabilia of our shops that you would be happy to loan for the duration of the Exhibition, we would be delighted to receive them. We’d also be keen to receive any memories that you have of the shops and their owners, particularly any photos of them in your possession.

School Visit

We had a great visit today from Year 3 children at Ysgol Cefn Mawr, who came to see the Museum, most of them for the first time. They took part in a treasure-hunt to find some of the objects in the Museum’s collection, and were fascinated by much of what they saw there. They left, promising to bring their parents and grandparents with them next time!

Object of the Week, 1 April

Our Objects this week are an addition to our special exhibition on Royal Memorabilia. The heraldic animals in the display case are known as the ‘Queen’s Beasts’, and are symbolically linked, through heraldry, with the history of the British Monarchy. To look at them closely, just come into the Museum any time before the end of April when the exhibition closes.