Object of the Week, 3 December

Our Object of the Week is unusual, in that we’ve just won it! We gained the award because we took part in a film competition called ‘Myths and Legends of the Dee Valley’, and got a ‘highly commended’ for our film on ‘The Cefn Mawr Prize Fight’. Pictured here is the trophy (now nicknamed ‘Oscar’!) and our worthy film-star, Cyril Thelwell, who gave a great performance telling the story on the Aqueduct.

Object of the Week 26 November

Our Object this week is a raffle ticket — but not a modern one, as it’s dated 26 December 1880! The original is reproduced in the lower part of the picture, while a contemporary copy makes clear the contents of the ticket. Clearly the main prizes in those days would have been food! The tickets cost 6d each, a not inconsiderable sum in 1880, with a whole book of 12 tickets costing 5/6d, which meant that one ticket came free! The raffle was held at the Holly Bush Inn, Cefn Mawr.